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    “US” Being WOmen – be Part of my New Project

    This is a series very close to my heart. We women sometimes bicker, hate ourselves, our bodies and feel in competition with other women. But there is something we all have in common: Being a woman. Yet, being female and being a women can mean so many things. That is what I want to show with this project. Express that we are similar and different. Show that being female is a unique yet collective experience.

    I am creating a unique series honoring women:

    Their souls, experiences, and bodies with their differences and similarities. 

    The goal is to display parts and details of the female body beautifully and sensitively. I am hoping to turn this series into an exhibition. This series is about “us “women and the different parts that make us. Sometimes strong, sometimes vulnerable, so distinctive but yet connected. 

    I aim to show as much variety as possible and display women in all shapes, colors, and ages and stress their similarities and differences. 

    The images will be minimalist and show different parts of the body in an esthetic way. These include hands, legs, bellies, breasts, etc. . Parts that make you proud of yourself and represent some feeling or quality. Or parts that you are learning to love. 

    Ideally, I would like to take two portraits of every participant. We will not show which body parts belong to which portrait. However, this is not a must if you wish to remain anonymous. 

    They will stand individually, as the plan is to display the variety and beauty in each woman.  

    How will the sessions look like?

    Pictures will be shoot indoors or outdoors with natural light/ or soft lighting. The background will be minimal, and we will work with minor props and shadows to bring the messages across. Subjects have to sign a release form for this series as I need to be able to publish and display the images. 

    All shots will be clean, and each session will contain some black and white images and colored ones. 

    Ideally, you have a feature that you want to highlight. 

    The idea is to show individuality, so tattoos, scars, and other unique features Are more than welcome. 

    The overall idea is to highlight the complexity of being a woman and that we are made of so many unique facets (represented by the body parts’ closeups). The images will represent a mood and not reduce women to their body. We use it to express how fragile, strong, torn, secure, and insecure we can be. This series will show how different and yet connected we are. Using lighting moods, we will express these. 

    We will merely use the closeup of individual body parts to express that. Some props such as flowers, mirrors or similar might be used to get the message across. In general, the esthetic will be quite clean and straightforward.  

    Ines bahr photography us exhibition

    Some technical details:

    Background colours: 



    Before each shoot : 

    • we will agree on which closeups of you will be taken and shown 
    • you will whether a taking portrait is accepted or not 
    • we will agree on which mood, emotion, or character traits will be represented
    • you will fill in a little questionnaire I will send prior
    • you will receive and sign a release

    Who can participate? 

    • Any woman (cis or trans/ anyone who identifies as she/her) from 18+  
    • On the shoot, please do not wear strong makeup (a nude base is ok or what you would normally wear in everyday life ) 
    • You can shave if you feel like it; it is, however, optional and body hair is welcome

    Are you interested?

    Get in touch and I will send you a questionnaire for the shoot. You can remain anonymous and there is no obligation to take a portrait. The shoots will mostly take place in Malta but I hope to schedule a few sessions in Germany in the spring and summer.

    Drop me an email: hello@inesbahr-photography.com

    or get in touch via the contact form:

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