Hi there! I’m Ines a curious traveling lifestyle photographer. I love music, movies, laughing, traveling, meeting new friendly souls and over all PHOTOGRAPHY.

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    Ines Bahr Photography

    Ines Bahr

    My Photography

    I will help you to create the perfect memories and capture candid moments or create professionally staged and styled images. No matter if you plan a shoot with your family, your partner, or alone. I will create the perfect picture, help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and create your special memories, portraits and more.

    Weddings are special no matter if you have a big party or elope with your partner, those memories need to be captured. I will photograph your wedding in an intimate and personal way. Exactly how you deserve it on your special day.

    Let your products and online presence shine. I will help you to create unique images for your brand. I offer product fashion and photography with a unique approach and will capture your life-style product in the best light.

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    Ines Bahr Photography

    Hi, I am Ines, your lifestyle photographer based in Malta. Photography is my biggest passion, and I love creating stories through my pictures. No matter if it is a love story, a photoshoot during your vacation, a solo portrait shoot, a unique wedding, or creating stunning content for a brand. Besides photography, I love traveling, and I am more than happy to work all over Europe. Regularly I organize shoots in Germany or Spain but always love to discover unique shooting locations.

    I was born in Germany but consider the world my home. Somehow I seem to be drawn to islands; now, I ended up on this little rock in the Mediterranean. I am fluent in Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese, and I speak some French. I love working with clients from all over the world and capture their stories.

    I cannot wait to meet you and realize the perfect photoshoot for you or your brand.

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    Curious about my work and free projects? Have a look at my portfolio and get to know me and my pictures.

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