Hi there! I’m Ines a curious traveling lifestyle photographer. I love music, movies, laughing, traveling, meeting new friendly souls and over all PHOTOGRAPHY.

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    About Me

    For years I was just the girl with a camera, capturing whatever I saw wherever I went. Then slowly, I made a dream come true and captured beautiful souls on special occasions, on travels, or for events. Working with lifestyle and fashion brands, I create unique stories that represent their products and capture their brand’s soul. In a nutshell, I turned my passion into a job, but it so much more than that for me. Photography is what I love, and I capture authentic moments and freeze them to timeless memories. I create unique stories to capture fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Every project I take on, I approach with that passion and creativity. Needless to say: I simply love what I do.

    But who am I?

    I am Ines! Nice to meet you! I was born and raised in Germany by a German-Romanian family with many quirks and love to spare. I went to University, studied, traveled, and made friends for a lifetime. I learned many languages, met tons of interesting people on the way, had the most random jobs, and created tons of memories. Throughout this crazy journey, my camera has always been my companion.
    After I had moved around the globe to Havana and wandered the inspiring streets of this picturesque city countless times, showing it to others and seeing through my lens. Now I ended up on this little island in the Mediterranean called Malta. My camera was always with me and turned into so much more than my companion. Apart from photography traveling is my biggest passion. I speak English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, and some French.

    I cannot wait to get to know you in person and help you to shoot your story. Get in touch!


    Member of the Malta Creative Collective

    Published in: Forbes.com, Vogue.com, Figgi Mag, Container Love, Salysé Mag, Mob Journal, Skye Magazine, Marika Magazine & more

    Worked with brands like L’Allée, Carla Grimma, Liv Bergen, Edeline Lee, Kilian Kerner, Danny Reinke, Haderlump Atelier, Dreaming Eli & More

    Ines Bahr creators award Winner
    Ines Bahr